Explained : How to Quickly apply for Latest Government Jobs in India ?

How to Get  Government Jobs in India Quickly ?

Getting a Government Job is a top priority among the educated youth of India. Since a government job offers high job security, fair incentives and a good working environment it is natural to look for a Government Job instead of the private sector. There are many opportunities and various sectors like banks, railways etc where one can apply for a Government Job but beware of the touts who promise a Government Job in return of a large sum. Don’t be carried away by their false promises as a Job in the Government sector can be secured by applying to the requisite sector and getting selected on the basis of merit.

Find Out Why Getting a Govt Job is Easy in 21st Century ?

Now a days it is very simple to apply for a Government Job than a Decade ago. As with the advancement in technology, the various Government departments release online forms.

 How Jobs Portals Can help you in Getting your Dream Job ?

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Another very convenient option that has developed in the last few years is that there are many job portals like Shine.com, Timesjobs.com, Recruitment Portal etc that cater to provide job recruitment.

  • Jobs by Email: These portals are very useful and beneficial for the job seeker as the various job opportunities and job offers are directly mailed to the recipient’s inbox. 
  • Jobs in Hometown: Exclusive Government Jobs that are according to the individual’s qualifications, based in their hometown, and offering high paying perks etc can easily be availed once you become a member. 
  • Free Membership: Plus the membership to these portals is free; the user only has to make an account and sign up to receive the jobs directly in their e-mails. 
  • Plus Career Tips: Students can find their dream jobs in no time plus these portals offer many other tips for the job seeker like tips on how to make an effective resume, things that will make a resume stand out, impress the client well at the same time offering a complete and valuable insight of the individual. 

Three Major Benefits of Getting Registering with these Portal

  1. No Delays : By registering oneself with recruitment portals, one gets a quick and apt response only in a few days. Instead of visiting offices with a resume in hand, and not being sure of the positions and jobs vacant and the skills that the employers are looking for, the Recruitment portals offer a comprehensive profile of the individual to the employers so the best prospective clients only drop their offers in the individual’s inbox.
  2. Wide array of options : One has a very wide array of options in the Government as well as the private sector as the Companies log onto these sites in search of prospective employees that will handle the job efficiently and effectively as well as fit into the Organisation’s scheme of things.
  3. Exclusive Jobs - A Recruitment Portal offers the chance to upload a comprehensive resume that too for free on there for all the Companies that are hiring. It offers tips on what makes a good resume, as well as provides many columns that will bring out specific skills that are exclusive for the job. Like for example, A teacher’s resume is different from a person seeking a banking job as different skills are required for each. These skills help in identifying the most suitable and exclusive jobs for the candidate.

Jobs for Everyone (Freshers, Experienced, IT Professionals etc)

Despite of the endless benefits these Recruitment portals (Shine, TimesJobs) provide. One of the most important benefits is that it segregates the jobs according to your work experience. There are two main types of segregation is done by these recruitment portals, which are given below

Experienced Candidates – If you have experience in any Fields, you can fill the time period of your experience along with your details or you can upload your resume in the experienced candidates’ category.

To Apply for Government Jobs Clcik on the "Submit RESUME" Button below

Fresher Candidates – In case you have just finished your studies and starting as a fresher, these consultants provide you the complete job information along with annual salary the company is ready to give for the fresher candidates.

To Apply for Government Jobs as a Fresher, Clcik on the Submit Resume button below

IT Field Candidates: If, you have any Experience in IT Fields or  Just a Fresher who have completed or going to Complete his/her Degree/Diploma in IT Field (Like BCA, MCA, B Tech/BE. in Information Technology and Computer Sciences. Then you can Submit your RESUME, by clicking at the Submit Resume Button below:

To Apply For Current Vacancies in Government Sector

REGISTER And Upload Resume to www.TIMESJOBS.COM



Important : If, you didn't have your RESUME ready, then you can Bookmark (Control + D) this page. So then whenever, your RESUME is Ready, you can Submit the RESUME to these Job Portals.

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